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Welcome to The Guerrini Law Firm

The Guerrini Law Firm is centrally‑located in Pasadena, California, making it uniquely situated to represent its clients throughout the state courts in California. The Firm's practice is focused on the following areas of litigation:

The Firm accepts and litigates cases at the trial and appellate levels throughout the entire state of California.

The Firm and its attorneys are listed with American Lawyers Quarterly, the Forwarders List of Attorneys, the National List of Attorneys, and the General Bar Directory.

The Firm is pleased to be associated with the Commercial Law League of America, the California Creditor’s Bar Association, the International Association of Commercial Collectors, and the Commercial Collection Agencies of America.


106 South Mentor Ave, Suite 150
Pasadena, California 91106
tel: 626.229.9611
fax: 626.229.9615